A Little on the Wild Side

Sometimes, clouds can appear to look like all sorts of things. The clouds on this day had curves and hooks in all sorts of places, which made them look a little more like wild animals, or human shapes in the sky.

17 January, 2014
17 January, 2014

I can see a pointy-nosed face, a scorpion’s tail, and a rooster.

What can you see?

In a Matter of 30 Minutes

It can take a matter of seconds for the view to change out my window.

15 January, 2014

This day at the beginning of 30 minutes there were very few clouds, and as the sun went down, I ended up with a totally different view.

15 January, 2014
15 January, 2014
15 January, 2014

All in a matter of 30 minutes.

All In One Day

Originally, the plan was to show one Capturing Clouds photo a day.

Sometimes I only take one set of photos in a day, and so it is relatively easy to choose the best photo out of those. Other days, I pick up my camera three or four times (or more) and snap away, but when it comes to the decision of which one to choose out of all of them, it is too hard.  So I will be sharing the best from what I have from the day.  Today, that is four, all from 13 January.

I spy a croissant in this lot!

13 January, 2014
13 January, 2014
13 January, 2014 – Croissant
13 January, 2014